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I have noticed a lot of people with similar fetishes though. I don't want to completely run out of food Hope there are more answers about this weird topic in a near future.

So today was a normal day at the begining, but things got fun as it went along. Asian spanking tubes. Getting back on the subject, though I do enjoy inflating myself. I use an adjustable flow valve on the outlet hose of the sprayer tank that I attach to line that feeds thru the balloon "plug" in my rectum. Belly inflation water. I'll start from the begining Water enema belly inflation. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

I've also enjoyed putting the plug in and then floating up in a hot tub as I fill with air -- those are also posted too in World Groups under Hot Tub Fun if I remember right. I have been into belly inflations and enemas from the early age of Why did you give me those extremely spicy chips?

It was raining cats and dogs outside, literally. Belly inflation water. Www sex sex hot com. All rights reserved worldwide. He looked into the mirror and examined himself; he had light auburn hair, and peach fuzz. She spoke little, yet her presence parted crowds as easily as the waves. You can see here a before and after pic of myself.

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All times are GMT Jack turned off the water as his belly was nearly a foot in diameter.

I use an adjustable flow valve on the outlet hose of the sprayer tank that I attach to line that feeds thru the balloon "plug" in my rectum. Do it movie 2003 watch online. It made Chara giggle a bit. Dee's Big Pump Up! He has served on numerous national and international committees e.

After that video I started looking for similar stuff and found more and more. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I leaned up and pushed my covers off of my torso. Now Lewis undid the kink, pressed his thumb over the end to create a wide fan of water, and started spraying the soap off the truck. Belly inflation water. With the time, more and more new guys and a few girls started to appear on youtube, practicing belly inflation.

Tagged Collections Hose Inflation by Femaleinflation1. Now share it with your friends! I was finally able to get in, but have not posted anything for some time. I've posted several pics under both the "Aufblasenmeister" and "ABM" names over the years.

Would the air embolysm problem with vaginal inflation be solved with water inflation or a liquid that is similar to the contents of the blood. Eagerly, she practiced and learned everyday upon cooking each meal in bulk, and they all passed the test of a visitor's taste buds.

Here are a few online accounts I came across:. She was a beautiful girl with full lips and blue eyes, her body as mentioned was thin but she had a modest C cup and a decent butt. He seemed to be very experienced in this, although he was only one year older than me.

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